War Memorial

War memorial gets temporary home ahead of Remembrance ceremonies

Great Coates village war memorial will be given a temporary home ahead of next week’s Remembrance day.

The memorial, which was placed in storage last year, will be given a temporary plinth situated outside of Great Coates village nursery allowing local residents to honour their fallen.

The memorial is set to be given a more permanent home in the future, and planning permission has been submitted.

This year’s Remembrance day ceremony will take place outside Great Coates village nursery from 10.50am on Sunday 13 November, led by Canon Mullins.

Ward Councillor Ray Sutton said: “I am delighted that current members and officers of Great Coates Village Council (GCVC) have received the strong support they needed from North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) to reinstate the memorial.

“I’m pleased that the temporary relocation for Remembrance weekend will allow the annual Remembrance Service to take place by the memorial for the first time since 2012 . The Nursery School is a heritage building owned by NELC and will be a fitting permanent home for the memorial.

“I hope residents will turn out to the brief service in good numbers as we show our respect for the fallen and our resolve to make this a united and better place.”

Fellow ward Councillor Cliff Barber said: “It will be so nice to see the memorial again. I’m sure the temporary viewing will soon become permanent thanks to the hard work of both the parish council and Councillor Sutton, who has fought tirelessly to get things resolved.